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Qualified Japanese Knotweed specialist and Surveyor
Recognised Japanese Knotweed surveyor CSJK PCA.
Member of the PCA- property care association.
Specialised in dealing with mortgage companies, sellers and buyers

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Custom transferable insurance backed guarantees eradication
Site and domestic projects
Method statements and management Plans

Method statements / Management Plans

These are normally required before any eradication works commence. Including any guarantees required and what length.  Japanese knotweed Eradication Management Plans To achieve eradication of this potentially devastating plant takes expert judgement. 
Firstly the Health and Safety and well being of all life including other plants, waterways and the environment in general are to be considered. 

In Britain, we have some of the most stringent controls of pesticides in the world today and, although the pesticides are sometimes extremely expensive and unavailable to the public, they are cost effective and being selective in use and administered by a qualified sprayer is mainly harmless to anything but the target. 

This is extremely important to me and most of my customers. 

The correct licensed product must be used in the correct way by a qualified and certificated person with proven ongoing professional studies
Secondly the maturity of the Knotweed the plant growth area, time of year, weather conditions as well as soil type constitute the treatment formula. I will often use other chemicals generally known as adjuvants to assist performance of the core pesticide. 

I am very conscious of the expense involved with treatment so i have a fair set price along with my expertise to make your treatment more affordable without compromise. 

The skill is to treat the Knotweed in such a way that it maximises the digestion of the herbicide (uptake) killing the roots and then the plant. 

The majority of mortgage lenders have joined forces with the PCA and will only use their members to carry out the eradication programme. If spraying the knotweed or using stem injection is not an option for you there are other eradication methods available.

My Removal and Treatment Methods

1. Dig and screen
The contaminated soil has the knotweed roots and rhizomes removed and is then backfilled with a geo textile root membrane in place if necessary.
2. Dig and Dump
The removal of all contaminated soil and landscaping of the area.
This entails removing the contaminated soil and then placing it in an area away from any disturbance on your site, where it can be treated by herbicides in a controlled environment. This allows you to carry out building works on the previously contaminated areas
4. Cell Burial
Removing all the JK and encapsulating with a root barrier and burial. 
5. Herbicide Application
By spraying with a knapsack or and injecting the stems with a herbicide.
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