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Aquatic Plants Control

Aquatic Weeds Control-  Andrew Smith CSJK is a qualified and recommended aquatic sprayer.

Andrew offers an exceptional service at reasonable prices specialising in aquatic weed control and removal for domestic and business environments. If you have lingering and problematic aquatic weed– find out why how a professional like Andrew can help you today.

What Are Aquatic Weeds?

Aquatic weeds (or pond weeds) can normally be tolerated in small numbers, but with excessive growth, they can become a nuisance, particularly in summer when water temperatures rise above 6°C (43°F). 

Many plants grow rapidly in the warmer temperatures and can quickly take over and choke garden ponds. 
In recent years, a growing problem has been posed by a number of introduced aquatic plants. These can be very invasive and have seriously detrimental effects on gardens and the wider landscape. In early 2013, DEFRA announced a ban on the sale of five of the worst invasive water plants in the UK which came into force in April 2014. 

The five species banned from sale are:

Azolla Filiculoides
Crassula Helmsii
Hydrocotyle Ranunuculoides
Ludwigia Grandiflora
Myriophyllum Aquaticum

Chemical Controls

Due to the danger of water pollution, if a physical removal process is not completely practical, weed killer application can be the answer if used in compliance with instructions and regulations. Prior approval for their usage must sometimes be obtained from the Environment Agency or equivalent authority. 

Fortunately, Andrew is one of those recognised professionals, who are highly qualified to carry out the elimination of aquatic weeds. He offers complete weed control services which comply with authorised strict health & safety guidelines. No matter what your specific requirements may be, Andrew can work with to successfully find an effective solution for the problem.

For more information and to see the whole article please click this link here. 

If you would like to discuss your particular requirements, then please get in touch with me for any advice.
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